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Project Description

The HierList ASP WebControl generates hierarchial lists from XML data sources using the <ul>, <ol>, and <li> html tags. The HierList supports the XmlDataSource and SiteMapDataSource controls for binding to XML and site maps respectively.

A main purpose of this control is to provide a foundation for building a cascading menu or tree control, but as is provides a nice hierarchial list which is missing from the default toolbox in Visual Studio (the BulletList control is not hierarchial). With a little CSS, jQuery, and help from many examples on the Web, this control can be easily be turned into a slick menu or tree control. See my MenuExtender extender at to extend this control into a nice horizontal or vertical menu with full keyboard support. HierList is now available through NuGet.

Unstyled Output:

Output with MenuExtender:* (


  • Compatable with XmlDataSource control
  • Can bind to a SiteMap file
  • Can bind to an XML file from disk
  • Can bind to XML from a POX server
  • Can bind to an XPathDocument and other sources directly without an XmlDataSource control
  • ViewState can be stored to an external cache location instead of within page to save bandwidth

Example Code

Several samples are provided which demonstrate the key functionality of the control.

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